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It is not required to dial any prefix in front of the number you are planning to dial. As redONE’s philosophy goes, Back to Basics, we do away with complicated prefixes to dial before making an IDD call. You may simply dial the country code + the number. E.g. to call Bangkok: +66-0661234567.

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* For a full list of countries and their respective call charges, please check here.

  • What is IDD?
    IDD stands for International Direct Dialling. This means that a subscriber can dial to overseas (excluding Malaysia) from Singapore. Dialling minutes of Malaysia numbers, from Singapore, will be deducted from the allocated base bundle. Upon full utilisation of the base bundle allocated minutes, IDD rates will be implemented for IDD calls to Malaysia.
  • Do I need to subscribe to any special services in order to dial IDD?
    No, additional subscription is not necessary. All redONE subscribers, by default, can dial IDD.
  • What is the charging block?
    IDD is charged at a block of 1 minute.
  • What are the IDD charges like?
    IDD rates can be found in the table above.
  • How do I dial for IDD?
    While most telcos require you to dial a certain prefix before dialling your designated number, redONE has configured our IDD that it is not required for subscribers to dial any prefixes. Simply dial the country code + number of the party you are trying to call.
  • Will I get charged if the party I am calling does not pick up?
    There may be charges implemented, depending on the network operator of the other party.
  • What if the country/place I want to make a call to is not stated in your list?
    If the country/place cannot be found in our list, no calls will be possible.
This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions
  • The IDD rates are applicable from 15 May 2019.
  • The IDD rates are not applicable for Special Service numbers.
  • The IDD rates are applicable to fixed and mobile calls only.
  • GST is applicable for all IDD calls.
  • redONE reserves the rights to revise our IDD rates at any time.
  • This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions practiced by redONE (“Principal Terms & Conditions”), accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.