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Data Add-on
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To all SG & MY numbers only

100 mins


300 mins


500 mins



To all SG & MY numbers only

100 SMS


200 SMS


Caller ID

Free till further notice

Caller ID Non Display


  • What is the Data Add-on (One-Off) for?
    Data Add-on (One-Off) are data packages available for purchase for all Amazing Plan subscribers to continue to enjoy high-speed data in Singapore and Malaysia only, should they run out of their bundled data before the month is up.
  • How long is the Data Add-on (One-Off) valid for?
    The Data Add-on (One-Off) packages are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. The full entitlement of the value and quantity will be charged once the purchase is confirmed. No cancellations of the Data Add-on (One-Off) is allowed upon purchase.
    E.g. If a subscriber purchases a one-off 1GB Data add-on for $1 on 10 November, the add-on will expire on 9 Dec 2021, even if there is leftover data.
  • How can I subscribe to Data Add-on (One-Off)?
    Subscription of Data Add-on (One-Off) is only available via the 1App. The app can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Click here to download.
  • Who can subscribe to Data Add-on (One-Off)?
    Data Add-on (One-Off) is available for all redONE Amazing Plan subscribers.
  • Can I use my Data Add-on (One-Off) packages in Singapore and Malaysia?
    Yes, you are able to purchase these Data add-on (One-Off) packages and use them freely in both Singapore & Malaysia.
  • How many Data Add-on (One-Off) packages can I purchase in a month?
    You can purchase the Data Add-on (One-Off) packages up to 3 times in a month via our redONE SG 1App. Any additional purchases will need to be made through the assistance of our Customer Care.
  • Data Add-on (One-off) is valid for usage in both Singapore and Malaysia only.
  • Data Add-on (One-off) is a one-off add-on activated immediately and valid for 30 days from the activation date.​
  • There will be no pro-rating of the quantity and the subscription fee for a one-off add-on.​
  • Data Add-on (One-off) is available for purchase to all redONE Amazing Plan subscribers.
  • There will be no termination of the Data Add-on (One-off) option allowed as this is a one-off service, valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.​