Not enough SMSes? Sign up for redSMS for peace of mind.

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  • What is redSMS?
    redSMS is a Value-Added Service (VAS) that enables customers to send additional SMS to all other networks in Singapore and Malaysia, originating from Singapore.
  • Is redSMS a permanent VAS offered by redONE?
    Yes. It is available for subscription starting 1 July 2019.
  • How can I subscribe to redSMS?
    For new customers, you can subscribe to redSMS when you sign up for a new redONE line at any Neighbourhood Centres near you. For existing customers, you can subscribe via 1App.
  • Who can subscribe to redSMS?
    redSMS is available exclusively for all customers.
  • How do I unsubscribe to redSMS?
    You can unsubscribe via our Customer Care. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe via 1App.
  • I have terminated my subscription to redSMS. Can I subscribe to redSMS again?
    Yes, you can subscribe via our 1App 1 time in a month. SGD2 or SGD3 (excluding GST) per month will be charged to your bill for every successful subscription to redSMS, depending which add-on you opt for.
  • Is there any registration fee required if I subscribe to redSMS?
    No, there is no registration fee required.
  • Will I be tied to a contract if I subscribe to redSMS?
    No, there is no contract for redSMS. You can choose to terminate redSMS anytime you want. However, the subscription fee will not be pro-rated and a full month subscription fee will be charged to your bill.
  • What happens after I fully utilise the SMSes in redSMS?
    Any excess charges will be charged at $0.05 per SMS.
  • redSMS is available for purchase from 1 July 2019 onwards.
  • redSMS is a monthly recurring add-on that will automatically refresh with the plan’s billing cycle.
  • In the first month of the purchase of this add-on, the price & data of the add-on will be pro-rated accordingly. If the subscriber cancels the subscription of redSMS in the middle of the any month (except the first month), the redSMS add-on will be cancelled immediately. However, the price of the redSMS will still be fully charged and not be pro-rated or refunded to the subscriber.
  • The recurring redSMS options are mutually exclusive (50 & 100). Subscribers who wish to any of the redSMS packages will have to cancel their existing package (if applicable) before they are able to register for their preferred package.
  • Subscribers can request to terminate redSMS at any time. The termination of redSMS is effective immediately.
  • Subscribers will be charged a full one (1) month subscription fee for the particular month even if the subscriber terminates redSMS at the beginning or middle or end of the month. Subscribers are advised to terminate redSMS before the start of the next bill cycle.