Social Media Apps are one of the biggest data burners on your mobile. redSOCIAL enables subscribers to use the following apps without touching the main allocated bundle.

Apps redSOCIAL Data Allocation Cost



  • What is redSOCIAL?
    redSOCIAL is a Value Added Service that allows subscribers to use the above mentioned apps without touching the main bundled data.
  • What are the apps covered under redSOCIAL?
    The apps covered under redSOCIAL are Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
  • Can I only purchase more than one bundle?
    No, only one redSOCIAL bundle may be purchased at any one time.
  • Is the 20GB shared among the 4 apps?
    Yes, it is shared among the 4 apps.
  • What happens after I fully utilise the 20GB of data in redSOCIAL?
    After the full utilisation of the redSOCIAL bundle, any further data usage on the 4 apps will be deducted from the bundled data.
  • redSOCIAL can be purchased anytime, and is activated immediately, via the 1App.
  • redSOCIAL is a recurring service, which runs together with the billing cycle.
  • redSOCIAL is charged at $18 for 20GB of data. This means that after purchasing the redSOCIAL add-on, whenever the subscriber uses any of the 4 apps listed above, the data consumption will come from the 20GB of the redSOCIAL bundle.
  • Subscribers may only purchase 1 redSOCIAL bundle at any one time.
  • Upon full utilisation of the redSOCIAL bundle, any further data consumption on the listed apps will be consumed from the allocated data bundle.
  • Any data usage of Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and YouTube, will be applicable under redSOCIAL, only if the link is under the respective website URLs. E.g. This means that any link that does not begin with the 4 above mentioned apps, will not be covered under the usage of redSOCIAL data.
  • redSOCIAL can only be used in Singapore.
  • redONE reserves the right to revise the rate and list of apps applicable at any time.
  • This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions practiced by redONE (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.