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Enjoy $10.10 OFF when you sign up to Amazing38 plan.

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1. What is the 10.10 Flash Deal?

The Flash Deal entitles you to $10.10 off your Amazing38 plan for the first 6 months. After which, the plan will revert to the usual price of $38. The amount of data, mins, and SMS will stay the same.

Do note that the $10.10 waiver will only be reflected from December onwards. You will still see the full charge of the Plan in November, but not to worry, do keep a lookout for the waiver in the December bill!

2. How do I sign up for this plan?

You can leave your details here, and an agent will contact you! 

As long as you register for an Amazing38 plan from 6 – 16 October 2021, you will be automatically entitled for 6 months of your Amazing38 plan charged at $27.90/month. 

3. Is this plan eligible for everyone?

The 10.10 Flash Deal is only applicable for new redONE registrations, and ported-in numbers (MNP), registered during 6 – 16 October 2021 only.

1. This promotion is only available for new line subscriptions, including port-ins, that registered for the Amazing38 plan registered during 6 – 16 Oct 2021. 

2. The $10.10 waiver will be done from the 2nd month onwards, and reflected in the following month’s bill cycle. i.e. $10.10 (incl GST) will be credited into the subscriber’s account monthly from November 2021 – April 2022. The credit will be reflected in the December 2021 – May 2022 bill

3. Crediting will only be done for accounts with “Active” status. Accounts that are barred/suspended/terminated will not be eligible for the waiver.

4. Should the subscriber decide to terminate the plan prior to the completion of the waiver, the remaining waiver/credits for the future months will be forfeited. 

5. The regular Terms & Conditions of signing a redONE line applies.

6. redONE reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.