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InstaProtection is a leading InsurTech that offers comprehensive insurance plans that meet
customers' personal needs to help customers live a worry-free-life.

With the PocketGuardian app, you will have complete access to the latest details on their
InstaProtection Plans and claims anytime, anywhere.

Leave us your contact details below via the Contact Form, and we will get one of our Sales Agent to
contact you directly and tell you more about the plans or clarify any queries you may have.

Details / Contact Form

1. What is this for and what does it cover?
InstaProtection (IP) offers affordable insurance plans for mobile phones that insures Screen Crack Damage, Liquid Damage or Theft.

2. Who can sign-up for this?
Users with new or used phones within 2 years from the date of the model launch are eligible to sign up for InstaProtection. You may check if your phone is within 2 years from its launch date here:
b. Samsung (Samsung Fold not covered under IP Plan)
c. Huawei (Huawei Mate XS not covered under IP Plan)
e. Oppo
g. Vivo

3. I don’t see my phone model as part of the list above. Is it still covered?
Any new models’ coverage will be subjected to insurer’s approval.

4. Should I back-up my important data on my phone before I send it in for servicing?
Yes, we highly recommend doing so. redONE and InstaProtection (IP) will not be liable for any loss of data, or loss of use during the period that your Covered Product is undergoing the service at IP, and or the authorized service provider.

5. I accidentally caused mechanical damage to the phone. Will I be covered under any of the plans?
Unfortunately, no. For the plans, they only cover Screen Crack Damage, Liquid Damage or Theft.

6. How can I sign up for this?
You can choose to either go down to our selected Partners’ outlets to find out more about the Plan, OR have one of our roving agents to contact you and go to you to explain more about the various Plans. Here is the list of our selected Partner outlets:
Name of PartnerAreaAddress of Partner
Callkulu Pte LtdCentral18 Upper Boon Keng Road
Singapore 380013
Aseanet Distribution Pte LtdEast190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979
RedSEA Pte LtdEast1 Park Road, People's Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Fono TechonologyNorth101 Yishun Ave 5
Singapore 760101
If you prefer for our roving Sales Agent(s) to go to you instead, drop us your contact details in the form above!

7. I would like to submit my claims. How do I go about it?
To submit your claims, you can easily download the ‘InstaProtection’ app, available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you may submit it here.
You should also submit your claim within 7 days of your incident.
For claims under Theft, it must be accompanied by submission of a Police Report.

8. Can I submit my claims at your selected redONE partners?
No, you need to submit your claims via InstaProtection app or website for online submission and get approval from InstaProtection.

9. Is this a recurring payment or a one-time payment?
It is a one-time payment, with no additional fees imposed when you submit a claim.

10. Do you use original parts for the repairs?
Yes. Repairs are done by authorized Brand Service Centre, and they are 100% original parts with the original warranty intact.

11. Can I claim multiple times under the 12 months warranty period?
The Plan only covers for a 1-time claim under the 12 months’ warranty period. Should you have claimed once already, another plan needs to be purchased to re-cover the following 12 months.
  1. redONE & our selected partners are authorised reseller for InstaProtection in Singapore.

  2. InstaProtection covers phones used for domestic and personal use only.

  3. Coverage is only valid if it is registered within 3 days upon purchase of the Plan.

  4. Coverage is only for Accidental Damage occurred within Singapore. IP will not be liable for any loss of data or loss of use during the period that your Covered Product is undergoing the service at IP and or the authorised service provider.  

  5. The Plan does not apply to:
    a. any mechanical and or electrical breakdown of Covered Product.
    b. a Covered Product with the serial number, part number, proof of purchase, warranty certificate that has been altered, defaced, destroyed and or duplicated;  
    c. a Covered Product with removed, missing, the whole or part of, and or altered serial numbers, part number and or IMEI;
    d. any Covered Product that is inoperable due to unauthorised modifications or has failed due to catastrophic damage, such as the covered product disintegrating into multiple pieces, is ineligible for service.   

  6. The Plans shall be terminated immediately without any refund of the premium paid for the Plan if any of the following events occur: 
    a. expiry of the term of the Plan; or
    b. when the Service has been activated for the Covered Product and has been repaired and or replaced; or  
    c. the disposal, subsequent sale, lost or repossession of the Covered Product by you; or  
    d. any unauthorized repair or modification of the Covered Product; or  
    e. upon discovery of fraud or misrepresentation; or breach of any of the Terms.  

  7. redONE will not be responsible for any dispute between the customer and InstaProtection. Any dispute shall be settled between the customer and InstaProtection.