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Stand a chance to win Grab Vouchers!
As we celebrate Singapore’s National Day, we want to gift to our new and existing subscribers. Find out how:

How can I take part in the Giveaway Campaign?

For NEW subscribers, you can sign up Amazing18 to Unlimited48 plans.

For Existing Subscribers, you may share your review about your experience using redONE on Seedly.

How do I know if I have won?

For NEW Subscribers, we will be sending you an SMS to inform you on the details we would require to credit the Grab credits accordingly.

For Existing Subscribers, you will be given the details via Seedly. Please don't forget to check back on your Seedly review for more details!

I might have missed out on replying to the message with my details? How do I go about it now?

If you have missed out on replying to the message by the 10th of September 2021, the prize will be awarded to the next winner-in-line.

The redONE National Day $5 and $10 Grab vouchers giveaway is organised by Red One Pte Ltd (“redONE”). The giveaway campaign starts from 1 August 2021, 1200 Hours until 31 August 2021, 2359 Hours. By participating in this giveaway campaign, you are deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by the following terms & conditions. 


  1. This giveaway campaign is open to NEW and EXISTING redONE Singapore Subscribers.
  2. This giveaway campaign is not open to redONE employees, appointed agencies, partners and its sales advisors and their respective immediate family. 


  1. 300 lucky winners will stand a chance to win $5 and $10 Grab vouchers 
  2. To participate in this giveaway campaign, you must be either NEW or EXISTING redONE Singapore Subscribers. 
  3. Follow our Telegram Channel @redONEMobileSG to increase the chances of winning!

NEW redONE Subscribers

EXISTING redONE Subscribers

150 Lucky Winners

  • 100 x $5 Grab Voucher for Amazing18/ Anniversary28/ Amazing28 sign-up
  • 50 x $10 Grab Voucher for Amazing38/ Anniversary38/ Unlimited48 sign-up

150 Lucky Winners based on reviews on Seedly

  • 120 x $5 Grab Voucher
  • 30 x $10 Grab Voucher


  • For NEW redONE Subscribers, sign up any plans from Amazing18 to Unlimited48 and follow our Telegram Channel. 
  • For EXISTING redONE Subscribers, share your reviews on Seedly and follow our Telegram Channel .
  • All winners will be finalised on 3 September 2021, 2359 Hours.
  • Each winner can only win once during the campaign period.
  • Selected winners will be contacted by 13 September.  


  • redONE reserves its right to cancel the giveaway campaign at any times or change the provisions of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice