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Choose your own preferred digits as your mobile number!
How to sign up
*This is a mirrored number, whereby the last 4 digits will mirror the first 4 digits.
  1. Is this applicable for all registrations?
    This is only applicable for new redONE line registrations.
  2. I have an existing redONE line, and I would like to change my number to a Premium number. Is that possible?
    No, we do not allow change of number at the moment. To get a Premium number, you would need to register for a new redONE line. 
  3. What are the charges of the various categories of numbers?
    We have 5 different categories of Premium numbers; Nice, Special, Golden, VIP, VVIP. The price of the numbers are $38, $88, $388, $888, and $3,889 respectively. Normal numbers (numbers-without-pattern) are free.
  4. How do I choose my own number?
    The first 4 digits of the mobile number are pre-selected. You may select the last 4 digits of your choice. Simply make your way down to any of our Partners and register for a redONE line. Inform them your preferred last 4 digits and they will let you know the price. 
  5. Can I reserve the number that I want?
    No, we do not allow reservation of numbers. The number that you have chosen will not be removed from the system until your line has been successfully registered. 
  1. Numbers are on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  2. There will be no reservation of numbers. Only upon successful registration will the chosen number be removed from the system.
  3. All prices displayed are inclusive of 7% GST.
  4. The regular Terms & Conditions of signing a redONE line applies.
  5. redONE reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.