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International Roaming

Keep in touch with your family and friends at affordable prices while travelling abroad with your redONE Postpaid plan!

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  • What is International Roaming?
    International Roaming allows the subscriber to stay connected (via data, calls, SMS) while overseas.
  • Do I need to subscribe/activate any special services to use International Roaming?
    No, it is not required to subscribe to International Roaming. It is activated for all subscribers upon SIM Activation. Therefore, if subscribers are afraid of racking up Roaming rates, it is advised for subscribers to switch off the Data Roaming on your mobile devices, or contact our Customer Care to disable Roaming.
    However, do note that switching off the Data Roaming on your mobile device will not allow you to use your bundled data in Malaysia.
  • What is the charging block?
    The charging blocks are as follows:
    Item Charging Block Size Rate
    Voice (International Roaming) Block of 1 minute Depends on destinations
    SMS (International Roaming) Per SMS Depends on destinations
    Data (International Roaming) Block of 1MB Depends on destinations
  • What are the International Roaming charges like?
    Roaming rates can be found in the table above.
  • How do I dial for International Roaming?
    Do ensure that there is a country code in front of the numbers you are dialling to.
  • Will I get charged if the party I am calling does not pick up?
    There may be charges imposed, depending on the network operator(s) involved.
  • How do I manually select my Network Operator from my mobile device?
    iOS Go to:
    • Settings
    • Mobile Data
    • Carrier Services OR Network Selection
    • Automatic [OFF]
    • Select the correct preferred network
    Go to:
    • Settings
    • Mobile Data
    • Network Selection
    • Automatic [OFF]
    • Select the correct preferred network
    Android Go to:
    • Menu
    • Settings
    • Wireless and Networks
    • Mobile Networks
    • Network Operator
    • Select the correct preferred
    Note: Steps may vary from one mobile phone to another
  • Are there any Peak/Off-Peak hours to make any international call?
    No, the charging rates are standard depending on the country and operator you selected.
  • Will I be charged for answering calls while I’m roaming?
    Yes, you will be charged if you answer any calls while you are roaming. The charges will vary according to the country of originating calls.
  • Who do I call in case of emergency such as lost SIM, lost phone, etc?
    You are advised to contact our Customer Care to suspend your line in order to avoid any unauthorised usages.
  • What if the country/place I am in/want to make a call to is not stated in your list?
    If the country/place cannot be found in our list, the charges for the call to that country will fall under Rest-of-World (ROW) rates.
  • The subscriber of the international roaming service shall be subjected to all terms and conditions of this Agreement and such other terms and conditions as redONE shall deem fit to be imposed from time to time.
  • redONE reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine whether a subscriber is eligible for the international roaming service.
  • redONE and the operator of the visited foreign telecommunication services network shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the subscriber may sustain from or through the suspension/termination/interruption/loss of or inability to use the international roaming service due to any cause whatsoever.
  • For data services, the subscriber’s monthly access fees only cover bundled data usage in Singapore and Malaysia, and does not include data usage overseas. For roaming service usage, international roaming charges apply.
  • Connecting to inflight Wi-Fi on some flights may incur roaming charges, especially so if the Wi-Fi Assist function on the mobile device is switched on. Should the subscriber want to connect to inflight Wi-Fi and avoid any potential charges, the device should be on Airplane mode. Wi-Fi functions are still available in Airplane mode. The subscriber is fully responsible for the charges incurred on their mobile line.
  • The subscriber shall bear and pay all surcharges, including any other charges, taxes, exchange rate difference (if any) or such other sum as may be stipulated from redONE from time to time, incurred in using the international roaming service.
  • redONE does not make any warranty or representation that the subscriber’s mobile equipment will be able to utilise the international roaming service. Any inability of the subscriber’s mobile equipment to utilise international roaming service shall not annul this agreement or absolve, diminish or affect the subscriber’s liability to observe and perform his/her obligations herein.
  • The subscriber shall promptly report to redONE and in any case within 24 hours, any lost or stolen SIM Card or mobile equipment. Until such report has been received by redONE, the subscriber shall be liable for all charges incurred.
  • For the purposes of these terms and conditions, any reference to international roaming service shall include international data roaming services.
  • This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions practiced by redONE (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.