Bill Payment

Pay your bills conveniently via one of the payment channels below

Online Payment via 1App


1. Click on the second tab at the bottom of the app.
2. Click on Pay Bill.
3. Enter the amount to pay and click Continue (minimum amount $1.70).
4. Select the channel you would like to pay through and click Proceed.
5. Follow through the bank process.
6. Upon successful payment, an email will be sent to the registered email address.
7. You will also be redirected to the Billing page of the app again.

Through Our Partners

Customers may walk in to any of our partners’ shop and make payment directly to the partners.

1. Walk in to any of our Partner’s shop and inform them that you would like to make payment for your redONE bill.
2. Cash payments are preferred. However, if the Partner shop has a card terminal, you can make payment via card too.
3. You will receive a SMS informing you that payment has been successful.


1. Download the GIRO Form here.
2. Fill in the form and mail it out.
3. As GIRO payment takes some time for the bank to process, please continue paying your bill through our other two channels till you receive a confirmation from us that your GIRO is in place.