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Why Choose redONE?
redONE is the only telco in Singapore that bills you AFTER you have utilised the mobile plan for the month.

i.e. on 1 December, you will receive the bill for your mobile plan used from 1-30 November. Whereas in all the other telcos, on 1 December, you will receive the bill for your mobile plan for 1-31 December in advance.

Not only that, we offer one of the best value plans in the market with Borderless Data Experience and Doing More With Less with postpaid plans from $8/month.
Thinking of doing that Instagram LIVE while you are having the time of your life in Malaysia for your holiday weekend?

You can enjoy seamless roaming in both Singapore and Malaysia!

Bundled voice calls and SMS can be used to call/send to Malaysia numbers as well, as long as the originating location is from Singapore.

Any excess of voice and SMS, while in Singapore, will also be charged at local rates.
You asked, and we give! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to clear any doubts that you might have!

Back to Basics - Life is complicated enough.
I have some main and/or supplementary lines under my ID, can I request for a separate bill / merge accounts?
We currently do not have the option to separate bill or merge accounts.

When will I be notified upon submission of Online Registration form?
Upon submitting of Online Registration form, one of our Sales Advisors will get in touch with you within 2 working days.

Why am I being charged full month instead of pro-rated?
It is the policy at redONE that all mobile lines will be charged the full month of usage once the month has begun.
For example, if a user terminates his/her mobile line on 2 October 2021, the user will be charged the full month of October 2021. It is advised that users terminate their lines towards the end of the month to utilise the line.

Does redONE have Family Plans where sharing of Data/Voice/SMS is available?
redONE used to have this plan available. We will be looking into more ways to appeal to our customers.

Does redONE accept eGIRO for bill payment?
As eGIRO was recently announced on 8 November 2021, we will be reviewing it and we will keep our subscribers updated should we start using this service too! In the meantime, you may apply for the standard GIRO.

Can I save my Credit Card for Auto Deduction instead of GIRO?
Auto Debit is now available. Click here for the step-by-step guide on how to set up your Auto Debit.